ROSE Online Premium Accounts

What is a premium package?
The Premium Package is an upgrade to your ROSE Online game account. It includes various upgrades to the game such as extra character slots, higher drop rates, higher EXP rates, more storage, and one free item per day.

How do I get a premium account?

- Log into
- Click "Power-UP" next to the ROSE Online game account you wish to upgrade
- Click the Premium Service tab

- Select your plan

- Click Place Order

What are the differences between a basic account and a premium account?

Character Creation

- You can create a maximum of 8 characters
- Any character created will have full access even if you don't have premium status
- You cannot restore a character past slot 3 without having a Premium Account

How about my free item?

All premium accounts are entitled to a free daily gift item. In order to recieve the item, you must do the following:

- log in with the premium account

- you must stay logged in until you recieve a message indicating you have a daily premium gift

- Open your Item Mall Purchases tab and then click "Redeem"

The items are recieved every 24 hours from the time you redeem your item. Please remain logged in for at least 60 minutes for the server to register that you should receive your box.

If you have any other questions about the premium service, please contact Support through the "Submit a Ticket" tool!

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