Bugged 79/85 2-Handed Weapon Fix

In order to make up for the HP/MP that a player would have gotten if the items were not bugged, we will be manually “fixing” the HP/MP of items that were created before the bug fix was implemented.

Level 79 2-Handed Weapons will be getting 2.7 times more "Random" HP/MP on their items.
Level 85 2-Handed Weapons will be getting 2.4 times more "Random" HP/MP on their items.

*These formulas are based on what was obtainable at the time of the bug and every person's item will be scaled equally.

In order to get your item “fixed” please submit a ticket from our WarpPortal support site here.

Under ‘Department’ choose the ‘Bug Reports’ option and then click Next.

Fill in the required details including Email, Game (Requiem), Type of Bug (Items), Server, Account ID, Character Name(s), etc.

In the Subject section, use the following subject : “REQ 79/85 Item Fix”. This will make the tickets easier to find and filter to get the request done faster.

In the Message Body, please include : All affected item names on which characters.

If you have multiple accounts with multiple characters and multiple items, please make sure that you list all the items that require the fix. Example :

Account 1
Character 1
Item 1
Item 2
Character 2
Item 1
Account 2
Character 1
Item 1

*Please make sure that the items are un-equipped and placed in your bag expedite the process.

Once you have included all the required information, submit the ticket and your request will be handled within 2 business days.

*The item will only be offered a fix if it was an item that was affected by the bug.
**If the item has already been compounded since the fix, it will not qualify for the fix.
***"Random" HP/MP refers to the HP/MP that you get above the Base HP/MP of the item. The Base HP/MP of 79 items is 400, and 85 items are 440.

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