Compromised Accounts

If you believe that a game or WP account has been compromised in any way, or that the email registered to the WP/game account has been compromised, please contact Support as soon as possible.

The following information should be provided, as it will assist Support in helping you in this matter:

Name on the Account:
Registered Date of Account:
Address and ZIP used in registration:
Country/Region of access:
Account ID: (affected account)
Registered Email Address:
Detail of the incident (includes the date/time discovered):

Once we receive a report of a compromised account, we will suspend the accounts to prevent potential/further issues from occurring. This is also to ensure the account's integrity as investigation and possible restoration occurs.

Any delay between the occurrence and your reporting on the matter may lead to a denial of restoration of items/etc. Continuing to use the account(s) affected after the occurrence may lead to a denial of assistance. It is very important to stop gameplay and account use as soon as possible if you believe the security has been compromised.

Once an investigation begins, any of the following may happen or be requested of you:
  • A fax/E-fax of a clear and legible unedited/fully displayed photocopy of a government issued identification (ID) document, clearly showing a picture of you, your name. for further verification
  • In-depth Investigation by our Customer Service and Payment Department
  • A partial or full restoration of items/etc. lost, or denial of this service.
  • A request to change the registered WarpPortal email address
  • A rollback to the account in which items/etc. may be restored but some playtime/exp may be missing
  • Suspension of accounts for the duration of the investigation
As Support continues to investigate and work on this matter, we ask for your continued patience. These kinds of issues can take time to fully investigate and provide appropriate resolution for. Such matters may take at least 2 weeks to complete from the time of reporting.

If you believe a game, email, or WarpPortal account has been compromised, please contact Support so we can help as quickly as possible!

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