Install, Reinstall, Patch Issues & Solutions

If you experience issues with installing, patching, or running the game, there may be a few ways to address these problems.

Run in Administrator Mode
  1. Right-click the patcher client
  2. Select "Run as Administrator"
  3. Alternatively, select "Properties" and check "Run as Administrator" from the Compatibility tab

What this does: If you're having an issue running the game, or it doesn't appear to be running well, running as admin can clear up some compatibility issues.

Check the Forums

If patching is an issue, or downloading the client is not working properly, please refer to the following threads for issues with patching the client:

What this does: These forum threads will show you alternate client download links, and different methods for fixing patch issues.

Complete Uninstall/Reinstall

  1. Uninstall the client through the [Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs] command.
  2. Remove all remaining files and folders from the [Program Files/Gravity/Dragon Saga] folder.
  3. (If applicable) delete the current game installer from your computer.
  4. Visit and download the current game installer.
  5. Install the game and patch.

What this does: A complete uninstall/reinstall should assist in rectifying a corrupt game installation.

As always, if all else fails, please contact Support and our team will be glad to assist!


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