How to redeem Character Name Changer item

To redeem the Character Name Changer, purchased from the Item Mall, you will need to submit a ticket after completing the following:
  1. Purchase a Character Name Changer item from the in-game Item Mall.
  2. Move the item from the Purchases section of the Item Mall window to the character's inventory.
  3. Once on the character you wish to name change, submit a ticket with the following information:
  • Character Name you wish to change (once the Character Name Changer item is in inventory).
  • List at least 5 character names that we may use:
Character Name Option 1: 
Character Name Option 2: 
Character Name Option 3: 
Character Name Option 4:
Character Name Option 5:
*Names must be at least 5 characters and no longer than 10 (Letters and Numbers only) and cannot contain symbols, spaces or offensive language.*
**If all the names listed are unavailable, you will be requested to provide additional names.**

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