Can I have items transferred between accounts?

Can You Transfer My Untradeable Items to Another Character?

One common question we receive is if non-trade-able, non-vend-able items can still be transferred between characters on different accounts.

While this consideration can be made, it is done strictly on a case-by-case basis and eligibility can change at any time for any number of reasons. There will be no guarantee that this courtesy is extended in every request and can be denied at any time.

Only specific items may be considered for such a request. In order to be considered for this, we would require the following information:



Item Name: 


Screenshot of the said items for Transfer:



Account ID:

Character Name:


Account ID:

Character Name:

If any of the information above is incorrect, or if the destination character does not have the inventory space needed this will cause a delay in the consideration.

With all the above conditions filled, you may
Submit a ticket! to our Support Team for further assistance.


Reminder: The two accounts must be registered to the same WarpPortal account in order to be considered at all.

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