Unauthorized Account Access Policy

Unauthorized account access (aka "hacking") is when an account is logged into from another user who does not have implicit permission to use the account. Generally when this occurs, items/ lant/ IM/ character loss is a distinct possibility.

This is why we strongly urge that players:
  • Keep account information private and secure
  • Change game account and WarpPortal passwords on a regular basis
  • User antivirus/malware protection and update their preferred software regularly
  • Refrain from giving account information out for any reason to anyone else!
  • Keep account use limited to personal, private, secure locations whenever possible

Generally speaking, the first line of defense from such access starts with you and good habits that will make it more difficult to get "hacked."

However if the account is compromised, we are here to help. Submit a ticket with the following information so the Support Team may investigate the matter:

  • The Account ID:
  • Registered WarpPortal email:
  • Name registered to account:
  • Registered Date of Birth:
  • Characters affected:
  • Approximate date of the loss:
  • A brief list of items found missing: (Please do not abbreviate item names)

However please know that we do not consider account disputes a matter of unauthorized account access.

If you have shared the registered account information with another player, for any reason, we may consider the account compromised and be unable to provide comprehensive support! If we determine that the access was through a "shared" user no consideration for restoration may be given. Furthermore, if it is determined that the report filed is false, or made in an effort to target a shared user, the account may be suspended for such practices.

Additionally, once a report is filed we ask that you discontinue use of the account immediately until informed that you may log in again. Continuing to play on an account after a report is filed may invalidate account restoration consideration!


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