Help! I Can't Move/Attack!

Dragon Saga allows players a lot of customization.

You can create new key bindings for character actions like skills, movement, attacking, etc. You can also use a controller for a more console-like experience. You may also set screen display options and move the mouse outside the game window freely to check other programs!

However there may be times where coming back to the game, or starting the game results in a dire situation - you can't move! You can't attack! What to do?

Thankfully there are a few ways you might be able to fix this! We would recommend the following methods:

Check the game's key bindings: These can be found in the options menu (by pressing ESC). It may be that the keys for attacking/movement were changed unintentionally.

Pressing the ESC key will bring up the main menu

All in-game controls & their key-bindings can be edited here

All key bindings can be altered from this menu, so be sure to check that nothing has changed and if it did, change the keys back to your preferred settings. You may also click the "Pad" tab in the upper left corner to adjust the settings for a gamepad (if in use).

Other common solutions to movement/action issues is:
  • make sure that the character has a weapon equipped
  • check if the game's chat window is currently active (a character cannot move or act when it is)
  • make sure that Dragon Saga is your currently active application (click inside the game window to be sure)
  • if all else fails, you may need to reinstall the game

If nothing appears to be working, please contact the Support Team! Be sure to describe the issue you are experiencing, and what other fixes you have tried already.

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