An account cannot be deleted under any circumstance. Please understand that our team cannot provide such a service. All information is retained in our databases and cannot be removed by the Support Team.  However, a user may request to permanently suspend an account registered to them by submitting the information below in a ticket.
  • Full Name:
  • Account ID:
  • E-mail Address Registered to Account:
  • Date of Birth:
Once the information is received, the account will be permanently suspended from the game servers.  Be aware that once the account is suspended by a user’s request, it cannot be reversed.

If you are no longer planning on playing, you may also keep the account inactive by not playing without this request. Users who wish to play again may simply log into the account and start playing anytime regardless of the time span for the inactivity of the account.

The account will not be charged in this state, however users with reoccurring payments must cancel their subscription or charges on the account will continue.

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