If you experiencing issues connecting to the Requiem website, there may be a number of reasons for this.

The website requires age verification before entering. If the information entered confirms the viewer to be under 17 years of age, they may not access the site.

Please note that some ActiveX or .NET add-ons may be required to access the WarpPortal properly. Please allow these to run - if they are blocked in any way, it can affect your ability to access our sites properly.

Also, make sure that you have a registered a WarpPortal account (here's how) and that the account has not been suspended for a violation. If the account has been suspended, please contact support so that we may discuss the circumstances surrounding its suspension.

Other factors that may influence access of a website:
  • Our servers have been interrupted
  • A scheduled maintenance is underway
  • Our ISP may have connection issues
  • The ISP you use may have connection issues to our location
Please know that even if website access is hindered, our facebook page should also provide information relevant to current events for the game.

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