Over the years as ROSE has made changes in versions from ROSE Online Evolution to the current NA ROSE Online. Please be aware that Gravity Interactive will never delete a game account or character. Therefore if a character or several characters are missing, please contact the Warp Portal Support Team with the following information:
  1. Account ID:
  2. Potential Character Information for each character:
    • Character Names
    • Character Classes
    • Character Levels
  3. List of Possible E-mail Addresses that the account was registered under
  4. Time of Last Play
Also, any additional information not limited to those above will better assist in the retrieval of the characters.

Once we can confirm this information, we may be able to bind the account to the Warp Portal Account.

In addition please keep in mind that we can only assist in recovering characters for accounts of NA ROSE. Other regional versions of the game are not supported and would require communication with that region's publisher for further help.

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