Account Blocked/Suspended

If you are trying to connect to a game account and are seeing an error message of a "suspension" or "block" it may be that some kind of activity on the account has lead to this outcome.

Certain kinds of actions may result in a suspension. Examples include:
  • Having a character name that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate
  • Purchasing in-game currency with real-world currency (also referred to as "RMT")
  • Harassing other players in game with threats, offensive language, etc.
  • Accessing another player's account without consent (also referred to as "hacking")
A more thorough explanation of actions that may lead to suspension can be found in our account policy and user agreement.

Since there are a number of reasons for why a game account might be blocked, you should contact the Support Team for further assistance. Please
submit a ticket and we will review the issue.

Please provide the following information in your request so the Support Team can help in a timely manner:
  • Account ID:
  • Full Name of the Registered User:
  • Registered User's Address: (including zip code)
  • Registered Date of Account:
  • WarpPortal Email Address:
  • Suspension Message that Appears:
  • Action(s) You May Have Participated in Leading to Suspension:
Also be sure to provide as much additional information as possible concerning the issue. If you can provide information regarding activity that led up to the suspension, this will reduce the time needed to investigate the situation and may (if possible) shorten the suspension duration.

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