Support 101: Making Sure That We Can Hear You

Have you ever responded to a ticket and gotten no response? Created a new ticket to answer an old one? It could be that the Support Team's responsiveness is being affected by how you contact us.

Here are a view simple ways to make sure that we get your messages effectively and be able to respond as quick as possible.

Never Respond with Email!

One of the most common communication errors is when a player responds to a ticket using their email client. While the Support Team can contact you through email, please know that the ticket system is not designed to receive email responses. This is why a typical response from Support usually ends with something like this:
Please do not reply to this email. Using the reply function will result in the WarpPortal support team not receiving your reply. In order to respond, please log in to the WarpPortal Support Site and reply to this ticket.
When you receive a response to a ticket, please use a Support Account to respond directly to a ticket. If you do not have a Support Account, you can learn how to make one here.

If you do not not wish to use or log into a Support Account, there is another way to respond to the Support Team - create a new ticket.

Making a Ticket for a Ticket - the Dos & Donts

Creating a new ticket to respond to a ticket is easy enough - and we can help you learn how to make tickets - but there are a few guidelines that can increase the effectiveness of this kind of response.
  • Refer to the original ticket number
  • Copy/Paste the last response you got from us
  • Use the same Email address as the last ticket when writing in
  • Provide your own response to the issue based on the information you received with our last response.

What we would not encourage doing:

  • Answering a ticket using your email client
  • Create multiple tickets with the same information & not as a response to previous tickets
  • Spamming the ticket system deliberately
  • Answering a ticket with a new ticket and no information regarding the previous ticket

While the Support Team should be capable of assisting without these guidelines, using them should help us respond to you as quickly as possible!

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