Support 101: How to Search the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base offers a search function so that you can find articles useful for your specific questions and concerns
You can access this through the front page of the Support site:
After selecting the Knowledge Base tab, the Knowledge Base Search bar will now show.

Type in keywords relevant to your concern. If you have forgotten a password, for example, you could use "forgot game password" (without quotes) in the search. The more terms you use regarding the issue, the more accurate a result should be. In the previous example, if you only used "password" for a search, you may get more results that do not answer your issue.
You can click on any result to view its article, change search criteria and search again, & at any time in the search process, you can browse the Knowledge Base by folder.
You are also able to search through all the data base yourself to look for a certain game or subject that may not be showing up with the search bar. Just simply click on the WarpPortal-NA or WarpPortal-PH, whichever matches your need.
Once you have done so, you will see the listing of games and articles that may looking for to be an assist to you and whatever information you may need.

As always, if you are experiencing an issue that the Knowledge Base cannot resolve, or have a concern about the Knowledge Base itself, you may contact Support for assistance.

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