[RO] Renewal Server Merger FAQ

With the upcoming merger, there are a lot of questions from the community about what will be changing and what will stay the same following the combining of Ymir/Yggdrassil/Valkyrie. This thread is the place to ask more questions so we can keep everyone updated.

Basic questions:

Q: Will there be a maintenance next tuesday?
A: No, it will be postponed until Wednesday, where all the merge work will be taking place.

Q: Will I lose my zeny?
A: No, you will not lose your zeny.

Q: Will I lose any characters?
A: Characters that are deemed to exist solely for name-holding will not be carried over.

Q: What is the max number of characters I can have now?
A: With the merger, the number of characters that an account can hold is 27. However, this is only with characters that have been merged onto our new Chaos Renewal server. Caveats below.

Q: How many characters can I create?
A:  If you are not subscribed with a VIP account you can only create up to three characters. If you have more than three, all characters deleted will move up a space until three are left, so you may want to avoid deleting characters if you have more than what you can create. If you are VIP, you can create up to nine characters, but as with Non-VIP accounts characters deleted will cause the other characters to move up a slot until you have nine characters left. 

Q: Will I lose mail?
A: Yes, the mail will be deleted. So any important mail should be picked up before the merger.

Q: Will I lose any of my items?
A: No, you will not lose any of your items.

Q: What of storage?
Updated: A: Have confirmed with our testing that there will be two temporary storages added which will correspond with yggdrassil and valkyrie storages. These storages will eventually be going away.

Q: Will I lose the items that were in my cart?
A: No, your cart items should be safe and sound once you re-rent your cart after the merger.

Q: Will I lose my party?
A: Yes, parties will be broken

Q: Will I lose my marriage and my adoption?
A: No, family connections will be preserved across the merge

Q: Friends list?
Updated! A: Because of the large numbers of name changes that will be happening, your friends lists will not survive the transition.

Q: What about character names?
Updated! If your name is the same as one of the servers being merged over, there will be a _YG, _VA, _YM  added to your name. You will see at the character select screen that there will be a blue bar on the right side of the character portrait asking you to right click on it. When you right click, it will bring up a prompt to enter a new name. No fuss, no muss. The first one to log in and change gets the name, though as we've said if you can prove that someone sniped your name we can investigate.

Q: If I am an Alchemist class, will I lose my homunculus?
Updated! A: Homunculi will not be changed, tested. Your pal should be ready for you to call after the merger. You should still make sure that they are put away before the merge, same with pets. 

Q: Will blacksmith/alchemist/TKM rankings get reset?
Updated! A: These will be reset for the merger.

Q: Will the 27 char slots be permanent?
A: These will be permanent, though you will not be able to create new characters in those slots.

Q: Will our quests be reset?
Updated! A: Quests, including turn ins, access quests and timers will carry over.

Q: Will free name changes be offered? Or will we have to pay for name changes?
A: Free Name changes will be offered via an ingame mechanic should you have a name conflict. There will also be a new Kafra name change and character slot change tickets available after the merge.

WoE/Guild Related

Q: Will my guild be broken?
Updated! A: Guilds will not be changed, however if you have to change your name it wouldn't be updated in the guild roster until you left and re-joined the guild.

Q: Will our guild lose our castle?
A: Yes, WoE castles will revert to no ownership.

Q: What about Guild name conflicts?
A: Guild name conflicts should be handled much like the character names, but there is more testing to be done

Q: What will be our new WoE Times?
A: We will be deciding these within the week.
Updated! WoE 2 will take place on Saturdays, from 4-6pm.

Q: Will WoE 1.0 god items stats change?
A: The items will retain their current stats, what will change is the tradability.

Q: Changes to WoE 1 god items?
A: We are instituting a new system for WoE 1 god items to discourage trade scamming and allow users who have a god item to choose whether they want to have a tradable version of the item that expires after one month. The original god item holder can then speak to the NPC again to obtain another. 

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