Account Confirmation Email

If you have registered for an account through the ROSE Online Warp Portal website and have not received a confirmation email for registration, there may be an issue with your Email provider. Keep in mind that certain Email providers like Yahoo and Hotmail may have a slight delay in receiving our messages.
First, check your SPAM folder to ensure that our confirmation Email was not sent there.

Next, make sure that your Email client is not setup to block incoming Emails from ""

This may be different for everyone so you will have to check with your Email provider for how to do thisWe do however have a list of the most commonly used email providers and solutions for this kind of issue. You can find the information in this article.

If you are still unable to receive our Emails, you may need to change your registered Warp Portal Email address. For step by step instructions on this process, please refer to the following article.

Unable to Access or Need to Change Warp Portal Email

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