Account Hacked/Accessed Without My Knowledge


“If you are reading this article this may be already too late but please, do not share your account information with anyone. Sharing account information, not hacking or magic, is the number 1 reason for account breaches. Do not share your account information with anyone.” –Warpportal Staff

My Account was Hacked!

In the unfortunate event that your account information has been hacked, or if someone has illegally accessed your account, please request an Account Investigation and possible data restoration. There are some very important terms you will need to read at the bottom of this page. First, please submit a ticket with all of the following information through the Warp Portal Support Service:
  • Your request [i.e. hacking investigation]: 
  • The Account ID: 
  • The email address which the account is registered: 
  • Personal account information, including: 
  • Name registered to account: 
  • Registered Date of Account:
  • Address: 
  • Phone #: 
  • Zip code: 
  • Nation: 
  • Server name: 
  • Characters affected: 
  • Approximate date of the loss: 
  • A brief list of items found missing (please include the full name of the item)

Be advised (Key Terms of Agreement):
  • If any information is incorrect or omitted, your request will not be accepted and the account will not be investigated. 
  • DO NOT use your account before or after submitting your restoration request. Your request may be denied. However, actions will be taken against persons whom have committed unauthorized access.
  • We can only restore data on accounts for a very limited period of time after an incident of illegal account access. This is approximately less than two months.
  • Be aware that the Warp Portal Support Team reserves the right to: refuse, provide, modify, or limit the restoration as appropriate and as deemed necessary for any reason at any time.

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