Ragnarok Online and Windows 8

Does Ragnarok Online Work for Windows 8?

"As of this writing we do not currently support Windows 8 for Ragnarok Online." However, there are a few ways to possibly get the Ragnarok client to work in a Windows 8 environment. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that any of these methods work due to variables with the OS. Ragnarok Online has survived Vista, 7, and with any luck will survive 8.

Option A: Open in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode
You can try possibly running your RO in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode. To run a program in Compatibility Mode See the following link: http://www.forumswindows8.com/tutorials/windows-8-compatibility-mode-5264.htm We suggest running RO in the "Windows XP Compatibility mode".

Option B: Clear your Anti-Virus
This depends on what anti-virus program you are using. But we have seen reports of Windows 8 anti-virus programs treating RO as a "False-Positive" or the program thinking that RO is a virus. If you have installation issues or have trouble launching your game check your anti-virus program and set RO as an exception.

Option C: Run in Windowed Mode
Are you lagging in W8? Running RO in windowed mode may improve performance.

A) Open the RO setup (make sure to run as Admin or this may not work.)
B) Set the game to run in windowed mode.
C) ??????????
C) See if it improves performance.

Does RO Replay work on Windows 8

In short answer, no. This has been reported and the tech team in charge of this is looking into the issue. If you (the user) find a way to get RO Reply to work on Windows 8 you are welcome to submit a ticket showing how.

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