Please Do Not Share Your RO2 Account Information

No, Really, Please Do Not Share Your RO2 Accounts

"The sharing of accounts is strongly discouraged, and highly recommended that it does not take place."

Users in the past and even today continue to share account information with friends and sometimes even family. However, sharing account information with anyone opens up your account and everything in it (characters, experience, and items) to vulnerabilities and many potential headaches in the future. The primary reason we cannot recommend account sharing is that the number one method of your account being "hacked" and having unintended things occur to everything you have ever loved is due to account sharing. When an account is shared, many of the services that we can offer to assist you in recovering from such an incident no longer become possible. 

If we find that you have shared your account, we may not be able to assist you with customer support issues such as item restorations, character deletions or other common issues.

Think about it this way: it is possible that you and the person(s) you share with may have a "falling out" and quite often a vicious war of attrition occurs on shared items/accounts. This is even more common with accounts with high value items or powerful characters. Often these squabbles have the unfortunate result of lost game time as the account must be locked down while the legitimate user of the account is notified. It also makes providing basic service such as email changes and password restoration impossible.

All actions found done to the account are the responsibility of the account owner, when compromised.

Please be aware that the sharing of accounts may result in the loss of support, and the eligibility or protection of a restoration of any kind. The user becomes fully responsible for the actions taken on the account as a result of account sharing. In the case of your account being compromised, please read this article.


A Personal Plea from the Support Team to You

Hello from the Support Team!

Lately, we have had a string of reports regarding lost items and characters from shared accounts. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, we urge you to be cautious with the people you do chose to share accounts with. We can recommend only so much and even tell you that account sharing is not allowed, but we understand that regardless of warnings that this will still happen for different reasons. As long as players have friends and family accounts will continue to be shared. Sadly, we here of the support staff have seen many cases of real life friends and family betray each other in order to steal items from a shared account. If you share, you must do so with the complete understanding that your actions are putting the account at risk.

Think of your account as a very valuable car. When giving the keys to your precious expensive car, you may want some collateral in return for it or some form of ensuring what you worked so hard to earn. You would never give your car to someone you do not trust; why would you give the keys to something you have spent so much time and effort on?

Sharing accounts also leads to suspensions when the sharing person does something against the User Agreement or Account Policy like botting or harassment. The actions taken by that account will have consequences to that account, even if it was not by the original user. A very common case is that an older brother lets his little brother borrow his account, only for that account to be suspended due to botting or harassment. Was it the original user's fault that the account was suspended? Unfortunately, yes, due to that account information being shared.

Please gals and guys, be careful when considering if account sharing is worth losing, the characters, the time, and items you have worked for.

-The WarpPortal Support Team

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