Protect Your RO2 Account!

We here at the RO2 Support Team want to do everything we can to protect our players and in-game world like a small army of in-game Paladins. We can assure you that we will do everything we can to support our players if things go awry. However, it is always better to prevent bad things from happening in the first place. It's up to you, the Player, to do what YOU can to protect yourself and your friends online. Here are a few guidelines on Online Safety and Awareness as well as what to do in the unfortunate event your account is compromised.

Rule 1: Don't Share Your Account Information

Here is a Knowledge Base Article detailing why we never suggest Players share their account information. Sharing your account information even with family or friends opens up your account to compromise. Giving users access to your account information is actually against your User Agreement and it is the number one reason accounts are hacked in the first place.

Rule 2: Chose a Good Password

The number 2 reason for account breaches is the use of a very weak password. The following is a few guidelines on password protection. Read through them to see if your password passes the test. If one of the guidelines reminds you of your password, you should probably change it as soon as possible.

Thankfully, RO2 has a two-fold method of protecting your actual in-game account. The PIN System was taken from our previous game Requiem. This system has proven to be very effective at preventing account hacks. Please do not share your in-game PIN with other users.

Your main password is your best defense against someone trying to force their way into your account. You should make your password easy to remember, but difficult to guess. The main reason for these guidelines are because of malicious computer programs called "Brute Force Programs" that use a set of common words and common password options to attempt breach and log into a players' account. These programs are very real and have been a source of account breaches in the past. Though RO2's PIN system helps to protect against these programs, it may be possible to get through if your password and pin codes are weak!
  • Be creative with your passwords! But keep in mind that adding a string of numbers at the end of your password may not be enough to guarantee its security. Password12345 is a terrible choice and you should feel bad if you use it!
  • Password Breaching Programs will detect common number/letter replacements and may even attempt to save them (such as 3gg for E, 1lovedoughnuts for I, and 5uper for S). Always avoid using any keyboard sequences of any kind (such as qwert, asdfasdf, or my favorite 1234letsgetouraccountstolen, etc.)
  • Don't use passwords that could commonly be found in a dictionary! This even includes words that are spelled backwards (54321drowssap is still a horrible choice for a password!)
  • On that note, Password Breaching Programs are even used to analyze your user name and generate passwords from them. For example if your user name is "ApplesAreGreat" the program will use "Apple12345" as a possible password. This is actually one of the reasons why we recommend never using your account name or pieces of your account name for a password.
  • Remember to use a password that is different from all of your other passwords. If somehow one account is compromised at least your other account information will be protected like your email, bank account, or your Facebook.
  • The longer the password the safer it is. It is always recommended that you chose a password that is at least 8 characters long but to also chose something memorable for yourself. Using a memory or a funny trait about someone you know is usually good way to create a secure password but easy enough remember each time. 
  • If you want to upgrade your password after reading these guidelines here's a guide that will explain how to do it. Finally if you have forgotten your password or believe it may have been changed, here's how to recover it.
  • Don't use a common PIN Code. Some people try to use pin codes such as 1234 or something from their birthday, but these are most likely the first ones to be tried!

Account Compromise Support

Having your account compromised is a worst-case scenario that every computer user has experienced at one point or another. I understand how traumatic and disruptive an account breach could be. In the event of an Account Compromise, the RO2 Support Team will do what we can to assist you. If you believe that somehow your account was accessed without your permission, STAY CALM and fight for what you love. Follow the checklist below and you'll be on your way to possibly Recovering Your Account.

Reset Your Password: Buckle Down and Secure Yourself

Scammers who have access to one piece of information may have access to other related accounts you may have. If you have any reason to believe that your account information was compromised by an online scam or some form of phishing (any act of attempting to acquire valuable information), reset your password and any related security information. We highly suggest updating your passwords for all of your online accounts such as your email, billing websites, social media outlets (Facebook) and other online games you play. This is especially important if you use the same password for other services. 

Submit a Ticket

Notifying the WarpPortal support team is the next best thing you can do. With all the proper information, we'll be able to investigate exactly what happened. The form and more detailed instructions on submitting an Account Compromised Ticket may be found here [link to the RO2 version].

Be Patient

I know it sucks when your account has been compromised and you're anxious about your characters, but account investigations take time. We will be doing whatever we can to ensure that you'll be back in your game, playing your characters and hunting your monsters. 

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