Policy on Item Mall Items/Gifting

ROSE Online features an exciting and delightful in-game Item Mall UI which allows for convenient purchases of valuable goods!

To make use of this Item Mall, you will first need to have a ROSE game account that is tied to a Warp Portal account. For information on how to do this, please refer to the following article.

Help with the Warp Portal Master Account

Then you will need to purchase Warp Portal Energy and convert it to ROSE Item Mall points. For help on this, please refer to the following article.

Purchasing Warp Portal Energy

Once you have some Item Mall points, just log in to the game and click on the coins in the top right corner of the UI (or press alt+b). This will open the Item Mall interface where you can select the item you wish to purchase.

Once you have made your selections and confirmed the amounts you want to buy, your purchases will be moved to the "Purchases" tab on the left hand side. Please be aware that many Item Mall items are not tradeable in game. Please make sure to confirm such restrictions before making your selections as Item Mall items cannot be refunded or exchanged.

You may also gift items straight from the Item Mall. To do so, left click on the desired item so that it is highlighted in red.

After that, click on the Gift button at the bottom of the tab. You will be prompted to enter a character's name. Make sure that you are on the correct server and that the name is spelled exactly as it appears or it may end up going to the wrong character.

If you accidentally send the item to the wrong person, exchanges or refunds may not be possible.

Please be aware Gravity does not support the practice of using the "Gift" function as a means to trade with other users. Any items or zulie that are lost in scams of this fashion may not be eligible for restoration. Please only make trades in-game via the intended trade systems.

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