How to Request an Adoption Break

The world within an MMO is constantly changing. Characters level, grow stronger, get married and have families. Unfortunately, it's not always possible for those families to stay together. When this becomes necessary, you'll need to submit a ticket for this request. We will fulfill this request when a partner or child has not logged on in 6+ months. Please read the following guidelines.

  • All items must be removed from the characters.
  • Users must agree to lose their current marriage covenant. We will not restore your marriage.
  • All mercenary loyalty will be lost.
  • Alchemist-class characters may also lose their Homunculus-based skills.
  • Users must complete any remaining quests on their characters’ quest log. Any remaining quests may cause errors during or after the adoption link breakage.
  • Once a baby character has been un-adopted, it can never be readopted again.
Once you have read the guidelines above, BOTH PARENTS (mother and father) and THE CHILD must submit a ticket with the following information below, if they are still active:
NOTE: If any user is no longer active, you may still submit your part of the information 

Father character:
Mother character:
Baby character:
(if the baby character still exists, its user may still need to submit a ticket)

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