I lost my item(s)! How can I get them back!

I lost my item(s)! How can I get them back!?

Hey everyone, at this time please note that at the end of Beta all Non-Item Mall items will be wiped. In addition to this Non-Item Mall items lost during BETA WILL NOT BE RESTORED under any circumstances. Please be aware of this as your refine and trade items and Zeny ingame.

If you have lost or have any issues regarding an Item Mall Equipment or Item Mall Items feel free to submit a ticket under the item restoration category. Your case will be reviewed. Please provide us with the following information:

Lost an Item Form
  • Character Name: 
  • Server (if applicable):
  • Time/Date of approximate loss:
  • Approximate Time/Date item existed through a trade or movement of the item (such as storage deposit/withdrawal):
  • Exact Name of the Item (including refine level and cards):
  • Screenshots of the item (if applicable):

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