Profession System

In the new world of Ragnarok Online 2, every player will have the ability to craft powerful weapons, awesome potions and delicious food! Each character gets to choose the profession of Alchemist, Artisan, Blacksmith or Chef. Each profession comes with its own special outfit!

At the character creation screen, you will see the following buttons: 

When you select one at the start, this will be the start of your profession in game! You will gain Job Levels by gathering your job specific materials and by crafting increasingly difficult items! Take the time to level your Job so you can craft amazing items!

  • Collects herbs
  • Creates potions to restore HP or SP
  • Special potions that boost vitality or other effects!
  • Crafts clothes & light armor using leather and cloth
  • Tan skins to be gathered from creatures or obtain textile materials
  • Can also craft Runes that make weapons and armor more powerful
  • Crafts weapons and armors
  • Smelts mineral ore found in mines
  • Can craft Rune Hole Punch to allow weapons to hold Runes
  • Creates delicious dishes that buff players
  • Gathers ingredients and processes them

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