Cannot init d3d Error

If you receive this error, it will be related to your graphics card and its respective drivers. You must have the correct drivers for your graphics card as well as Microsoft DirectX in order to play Ragnarok Online.

Please read the following to see if you have a graphics card problem
  1. Click Start -> Run... -> and type in dxdiag in the window the appears. It should bring up a diagnostic program. If it does not, then you do not have DirectX installed and you should download it from the Microsoft Website
  2. Make sure you have installed updated drivers for your Graphics Card.
  3. In Setup, you should now be able to select graphics options and should no longer be receiving this problem.
If this problem still persists, please submit a ticket to the WarpPortal team so we may assist you as best we can!


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fiz esses procedimentos e nao tive resultado
jorge vinicius de sousa (April 2, 2020 at 6:19 PM)

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