Skill Points and Stat Points: Making Your Character Stronger!

Skill Points and Stat Points: Making Your Character Stronger!

If you've played Ragnarok Online 1, then you'll have a familiar friend in the Skill and Stats system in Ragnarok Online 2! There are a few key differences though. Skill points are no longer tied to your job level, as your job level now refers to your crafting profession (link to profession page)!

After you advance in level, you'll find two icons will appear on the right side of the screen. Whenever you gain a level and you have stat or skill points to spend, you can simply click on on one of these buttons! This will open up the appropriate window.

Stat Points: 

Here, you can see that you need a certain number of points before boosting a certain stat, exactly like in RO1! However, the base stats can only reach a maximum of 50 points per stat. The stats will work a little differently this time around:
  • Strength [Str] - Each point increases Physical Damage and Physical Block
  • Agility [Agi] - Each point Increases Critical Rate and Evasion
  • Intelligence [Int] - Each point increases Magical Damage and Magical Block
  • Vitality [Vit] - Each point increases HP and SP recovery % of potions, raises Max HP
  • Wisdom [Wis] -Each point increases Mana and Mana Recovery
Skill Points:

As your character grows strong, you will be able to gain more and more skill points to spend to unlock more powerful skills! Until your job change at level 25, you'll only have your base class to add points to. Once you change jobs, you'll be able to unlock the powerful skills of your second class!

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