How do I multiclient with ROSE Online?

The ROSE Online client may be opened in more than one instance allowing for users to play more than one character at a time.

To do so, please open one client and patch the client. After doing so, please press 'Play'. Then proceed in opening another client by executing/running the ROSEOnline.exe file.

The multi-client or dual client should not be used if both clients are not being played by the user directly. Any forms of Third Party Programs (a.k.a. "botting") may result in a permanent suspension.

A Third Party Program may be any program that is used to provide assistance or give advantage to a user in-game. This program may also run and/or play the game without the control of the user. Our policies are ever-changing to adapt with the wishes of the Rose Online community. An in-game notice is now posted to warn players that the use of third party programs for benefit, you run the risk of a permanent suspension. Whether attended, or not, this punishment will hold for any ill-mannered.  There are no exceptions to this rule

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