RO2's Most Common Installation Issues and Fixes


RO2's Common Installation Issues and Fixes
Greetings! The following three issues are the most common installation issues RO2 users experience. If you have having any issues regarding your installation please try the following first:

  • You will need to make sure you are running as the “Admin” on your computer. If you are currently not the Admin you may need to ask to where you are the Admin to your device in order for your game to install properly.
  • Please also ensure to include Ragnarok 2 and Hackshield in your anti-virus exemption list. This includes any other anti-virus programs. RO2 may not run if it is not cleared from your exemption lists. Remember anti-virus programs will treat both RO2 and Hackshield as two seperate programs so you may need to clear BOTH for your installation to go smoothly.
  • Try redownloading the RO2 Client here If your download is incomplete or if you are not using the most recent official client, you may run into issues upon installation or launch.


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