Basic Controls & Commands

Starting a new game can always be a little confusing, but we've compiled a great list here of many of the things you'll need to enjoy Ragnarok Online 2! If you've found more tips and tricks that'll make the game more fun, please submit a ticket to the WarpPortal Support Team and maybe you can see your guide on our Knowledge Base!

Table of Contents

I. Keyboard Controls
II. Hotkey Bars
III. Chat Commands
IV. Social Emotional Command
V. Emoticon Emotional Command

I. Keyboard Controls


II. Hotkey Bars

These are the Hotkey Bars to place skills in when they are fully expanded. The hotkeys shown in the bars can be customized by going to Preferences > Shortcut Key > Custom Options. You will be able to change the key combinations for your skill bar to whatever keys fit you best! Don't forget to click Apply so that your changes are saved!


III. Chat Commands

Below are your basic commands for socializing in the chat window. Keep in mind the public channels have a level requirement of level 15. However, to respond to whispers, you must hit the Backspace Key. Fortunately, if you don't like the use of Backspace Key, you can customize it! Simply navigate to Preferences > Shortcut Key Custom Options and scroll down until you reach Reply to Whisper. Set it by clicking on the currently set key (Backspace by default), then overwriting it by pressing the preferred key of your choice. Don't forget to click Apply so that your changes are saved!


IV. Social Emotional Command

The following commands will help in communicating with your fellow adventurers! Use your character to express your emotions!
Social Emotional Commands 































































V. Emoticon Command

The following commands will create an emoticon over your character, reminiscent of Ragnarok Online 1! The Assist words are words that can be typed in the chat box ("I Laugh at that") and it will create the emoticon with you needing to enter /Laugh! Show your emotions naturally through the chat! If you don't like the Assist Words, feel free to change them! However, the slash commands ( /Laugh) cannot be changed and is Case Sensitive. 
Social Emoticon Commands 





















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