In-Game Scam Prevention

First and foremost, the Ragnarok Online 2 GM Team will NEVER ask for your account details. Players without some form of "GM" in their name absolutely cannot be part of the GM Team. It is impossible to create a character with these letters together. Characters claiming to be GMs without "GM" in their name are impersonating the GM Team and need to be reported. 

This also applies to the in-game Mailing System. It is extremely unlikely that we will be sending you in-game mail. WarpPortal will contact you through official channels: the ticketing system or in-game whispering. The below image shows the suspicious details to look out for. You can immediately see that GM is nowhere to be found in the Sent field. 

Yes, the GM Team is human, and occasionally make typos, but we would never send out something riddled with spelling mistakes. In addition, this is just too good to be true. These scams can also start with small amounts of money. 

"Trade me 1 Zeny and I'll give you 2."

Once it escalates into big amounts, the scammer will run off with your money!

If it seems just a little bit suspicious, submit a ticket or take to the forums and find out the truth of the matter!

Do not enter your account details in any suspicious site that claims to be affiliated with WarpPortal. Please make sure that the address is and not a misspelling of the website. Official events will be announced through the WarpPortal Site! If you log into one of these scam websites (thinking that you may get free items, or other enticing things), they will take all of your credentials.

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