Publishers, Purchases, and You - Notice for Steam & Facebook Users

Publishers, Purchases and You

Although many of our games are self-published, there are a few games that are also published on other platforms, namely Requiem, ROSE Online and the newly added Ragnarok Online 2. These are published on Facebook and Steam, respectively. The nature of accounts can sometimes get kind of tricky.

What does this mean for my game account?

Game accounts created on these platforms must be used on those platforms. You cannot take a WarpPortal made account for use onto Steam or Facebook. This is the reason why you are asked to create a new account instead of being asked to log into an existing account when trying to play one of these games.

What about my cash purchases?

Most importantly, purchases made on those accounts must be purchased through its respective platform. Charging WarpPortal Energy to Steam or Facebook accounts won’t give you points in Steam or Facebook games. You must purchase through Steam or Facebook.

I already charged WPE! Can you transfer the points for me?

WarpPortal will offer a one-time transfer to your Steam or Facebook account. We can only ask that you be more careful in the future and purchase your points through the correct platform.

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