My Framerate Suddenly Drops!


It seems that even players with high end hardware are experiencing issues with framerate dropping severely. Here are a few things that could be causing it and a solution.

Turning off Graphics Options
This is usually the best place to start. Try turning down all the graphics options sliders, including View Range, Shadow and Texture. Make sure to un-check (if it is on) Outfucusing Effect, Shadow Effect and Sunlight Effect

Windows Defender
Windows Defender could be running while HackShield runs, causing the framerate to drop. Please add the RO2 folder as an exception to Windows Defender and it should resolve many of the issues.

Comcast Players
We have also discovered that Comcast players may have a program called Comcast Constant Guard installed, which is causing a lot of the same issues, including sometimes restricting players from logging on successfully.

Making an exception for the game within that program, or turning that program off temporarily while playing, might also alleviate the issues it may cause.

If this does not solve your issue, please submit a ticket so we can investigate!

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