[Steam] My Kafra Shop Button Doesn't Work!

My Kafra Shop Button Doesn't Work!

Imagine that you're off adventuring in Ragnarok 2, slowly making your way to Prontera. Then, you realize that your character just absolutely needs an adorable hat! You go to click on the Kafra Shop icon, but nothing happens! Why can't you buy things? Why can't you be cuter!?

Your Steam overlay might not be enabled!

Check if it's enabled by going to View > Settings.

Once you click on that, you'll be able to see the Settings menu. Navigate to In-Game and make sure that Enable Steam Community In-Game is checked. Once this is checked, the overlay will pop up with all your purchasing options! The Shift + Tab shortcut should now also bring up the Community Overlay! You'll now be able to buy your adorable outfits, awesome mounts and incredible power-ups! Happy Adventuring!

Make sure that it's also enable for the Ragnarok 2 Properties! Right click on Ragnarok Online 2 and navigate to Properties.

From here you'll be able to see if the overlay is enabled for Ragnarok Online 2! If it isn't, definitely make sure it's checked!


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