Looting Rules!

Battles are hard, time-consuming and sometimes leaves you drowning in repair debt, but at the end of the day, the beautiful loot makes it all worth it! There are different loot types, so be sure you choose the correct one! Very briefly, they are: Free For All, Round-Robin, Master Looter, Roll Option, Wearer Roll Dice. You can choose which option you want if you are the Party Leader by right clicking your own portrait and choosing from the menu that shows up!

Free For All
Free For All is just like what it says! Every party member will have the opportunity to loot a monster, without any need to win the highest roll. This works great for just going through areas while leveling, or if you and your friends are just grinding for experience (or crafting materials). Just keep in mind that if anything rare drops, anyone can pick it up!

This looting option allows each party member to fully loot one monster, and looting rights will pass from one party member to the next, around and around in a circle! 

Master Looter
In this setting, the Party Leader gets the final say in where loot goes! They'll be able to give out to loot and pick a threshold they want to use for distributing loot. They could pass all the Normal "White" loot if they wanted, or they can set it so that they only have Epic loot to pass out. Either way, this is a position of great power and responsibility. 

Roll Option
This will be the most commonly used loot setting for players doing dungeon runs. Similar to the Master Looter options, you'll be able to choose the threshold that needs to be rolled on. 

For example, if it were set to Advanced, any gear that dropped that is green, your party would be able to choose Need or Greed for the item, even if they cannot wear it. While this is a great compromise for the Party, some players may still choose Need for no other reason other than they want to Need. 

Wearer Roll Dice
This one sounds a little confusing at first, but it is similar to Group Rolling. You'll be able to set the threshold of rarity for the party (if you're leader, of course), but with one key difference! Party members may roll Need only on items they are able to wear. The example below shows that a poor Rogue really wants those Monk shoes, but he can only Greed it. If there are multiple players with the same class in a party or raid, they will need to compete normally with the highest roll. 

It's been a long article, but this is everything you need for looting! If you have any questions or feel there's more information that could go here, let us know! Now if you happen to accidentally hit Need when you should have been hitting Greed, make sure to take lots of screenshots, both of the item, you receiving it and your party chat! Submit those screenshots along with your ticket!

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