How to Force a Re-patch


Maintenance just ended and there are hundreds of monsters waiting to be slayed! Your first task is to get your client patched, but shoot! Somehow your patch failed! What can you possibly do? 

One thing you can do is try to force your client to re-patch itself. Yes, it will probably take more time, but it can get you in the game without pursuing a full re-install of your client! This guide was originally written by HelVerdandi on the WarpPortal Forums.
  1. Navigate to your Gravity folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravity\Ragnarok Online 2 or some variation) and find the file named Version.dat. 
  2. Open Version.dat it with Notepad. You'll see the current Game & Patch version. It'll look something like this:
  3. You'll be changing the last two digits a few versions back then save your file: (this is an example given)


    By doing this, your client is essentially thinking it's an older version and needs to patch. 

    Make sure to set the numbers back to 00000303 once you are finished patching.
  4. Start your client and it should start to patch itself. If you get a HackShield error, continue to try to start the client and it should eventually fix itself.
If this still doesn't work for you, submit a ticket! The WarpPortal Support Team will do the best they can to help out!

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