Custom Options in Chat Channels
When you first get in the game, everyone is talking everywhere and it's exciting. Now, you're a seasoned veteran (or maybe realized there was just way too much text in the chat box) and you want your chat to be a little cleaner. Trade Chat to the Trade Channel only, or maybe you only want to see Whispers or Party Chat from your friends.

Fortunately, whatever combination you want, you'll be able to do!

On your Chat Box, hover over whichever Chat Tab you would like to change:

Right-clicking on a tab, the following window will come up:

From here, you just pick what you want to see! Area and Battle messages only? Never see Public Chat again? It can be done. Just make sure to hit apply to save the changes! You'll be able to do Custom Options in all four chat tabs. Enjoy adventuring with less text scrolling through your chat box! (Unless, of course, you like all that text. That's ok too.)

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