Make Your Own Chat Channel!

If you have a lot of friends that each have their own party, but you're all off leveling in the different, distant lands of Ragnarok 2, creating a chat channel for all your buddies might bring everyone closer together! It'll be great for getting Guild Alliances together, or even just a group of friends you want to party together (even though you're in separate guilds)!

Get started by hovering over the Chat Box and clicking on the box that gives you the tool tip of Channel:

This window will come up, and you'll want to click Add Channel in the lower right corner:

You can then name your channel whatever you want (with a character limit of 10), and even set a password!

Congratulations! You've created a channel!

 If you create a password, other players will be able to join if they know the specific channel name and password to get it, or as channel owner, you can invite the players you want! Happy Chatting!

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