Using the Item Mall gifting system for any purpose other than sending an Item Mall item as a gift is not supported.


Unfortunately this means we cannot restore items/lant lost due to the failure of another player to send Item Mall items in return (or vice versa). Deliberately choosing to break an agreement for personal gain is also referred to as "scamming."


Using the Gift feature in-game, or WP Gift Cards or WPE in these ways are not intended by Gravity Interactive. Choosing to participate in trading of this nature means that no support will be given if an agreement is broken.


We will, however, investigate such claims and  take action where necessary. We do not condone the practice of IM trading/selling, however we will not abide by the practice of "scamming" either.


If you believe to be a victim of a "scam" please provide detailed information concerning the indecent in a ticket to Support. The details should include:


  • Screenshots of agreement and trade
  • Date/Time of trade:
  • Name of Character that you Traded with:
  • Server:
  • Details of trade: (what items/lant were traded in agreement to what IM items, etc.)


While we cannot offer a restore of lost items/lant we do wish to continue maintaining a positive community and resolve such issues to meet that end.


If there was an issue in the purchase and/or receipt of however, please contact the Support Team with information about the purchase (transaction number, date of purchase, item name) and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

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