Costume & Accessory Fusion

Have a few costumes lying around and want to see if they can become something greater? Then, Costume Synthesis is the thing for you! You will need one of the following to begin (purchased from the Kafra Shop):

As you can see from the above, the Fusion Tablets are specific to the type of costume component you want to fuse. You can't use the Costume Fusion Tablet to fuse Accessories and vice versa. 

Now, very basic fusing doesn't involve much: all you'll need is one slate and two components, which will be two costumes in this case. Simply put the two costumes into the provided slots! You'll have to make a choice to make here: you can either select one of the options presented in the bottom slots by un-clicking Random. However, if you feel like taking your chances, make sure the Random box is checked! You may get a rare costume if you do!

If you want to keep the appearance of one of the costumes, use an Appearance Maintain Slate. You will put this where it says Additional Item at the top of the Costume Fusion Window. You'll then need to pick which costume appearance you want to keep. This will not keep your slotted Runes or existing Rune Holes. This is to keep the appearance only.

If you've got an awesome rune slotted into your costume, you might want to use a Rune Maintain Slate. Again, you'll be putting this in the Additional Items slots. This time, you'll want to pick the costume that has Runes in it. Upon fusion, the new costume will have the slotted Runes from the previous costume! This will not save Blind Rune Holes in fusion.

The Accessory Fusion Tablet will work the same way, except there is no option to select an appearance; it is purely random

If you have any questions about fusions, Submit a Ticket to the WarpPortal Support Team!

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