I can't verify my account!

If you find that you can't seem to verify your account, but can never get the e-mail? Maybe you actually wrote in the wrong email? Don't worry! You're a few easy steps and a Ticket away from getting your account verified!

When you log in to Steam, you'll want to click on your username area and get to your Profile.

There is one key piece of information we'll need from here: your Steam ID Number. Fortunately, it'll be easy to get! Just look in the address bar and copy the number in there!

Now, all you have to do is Submit a Ticket with the following information!
  • Registered E-mail (or the correct e-mail, if you put it in incorrectly at registration):
  • Steam ID Number:
You should stop getting those pesky verification notices once the team processes your ticket! Happy adventuring!

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