In order for the Warp Portal Support Team to assist a user in retrieving, restoring, or reviewing the status of an item that was lost, a user must supply adequate information so that the item can be found within database logs.

Please provide the following:

Lost an Item Form
1. Character Name:

2. Server (if applicable):
3. Time/Date of approximate loss:
4. Approximate Time/Date item existed through a trade or movement of the item (such as storage deposit/withdrawal):
5. Exact Name of the Item (including any refines and/or gems):
6. Screenshots of the item (if applicable):

Any additional information that may assist the team in retrieving the item's information or history will always be welcomed.

**Items that have been lost due to refines or from breaking apart must be accompanied with an explanation of how the incident had occurred.**

Item restoration requests are taken on a case by case basis and may not always be possible. Also be aware that Gravity Interactive does not support any form of account or item sharing. Any items or zulie which have been lost as a result of this practice might not be conisdered for restoration.

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