Ragnarok Online Basic Controls

Ragnarok Online Basic Controls

New to Ragnarok Online or maybe just a refresher? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This is going to be a down and dirty run through of the systems.

I. Basic Controls
II. Leveling Up
III. Class Summaries
IV. Keyboard Shortcuts
V. Making Friends: Social Menus

I. Basic Controls
When you want to move around in the world of Ragnarok Online, all you need to do is direct your mouse pointer around your screen and left-click! Your character will move to the last position you clicked to. Left-clicking on a monster will attack that target! Be careful when walking around rapidly, or you might find yourself attacking an aggressive monster by accident!

II. Leveling Up

You've defeated monsters and picked up rare items (or maybe a few Jellopies), when suddenly you receive a miraculous notice! Level Up! In Ragnarok Online, there are two separate ways to strengthen your character: by your Base Level (your traditional levels in most games) and by Job Level. Your Base Level will make your character stronger, faster, more intelligent; think of it as working out! Your Job Level will allow you to learn more skills (Swordsman's Bash or Mage's Fire Bolt, for example!) to use in or out of battle!

Base Levels will get you Status Points to add to these stats: Strength (increase attack and how much you can carry), Agility (increases how fast you attack and your flee), Vitality (increases your health and defense), Intelligence (increases your magical power), Dexterity (increases your accuracy, stabilizes damage and lowers cast time)  and Luck (makes you lucky! Increases critical hits). Depending on your class, you'll want to pump some stats while ignoring others!

When you  receive a Job Level, you'll receive one skill point to learn something new, or upgrade a skill you already have! You'll be able to get cool skills like Meteor Storm or Bowling Bash! When you're a Novice, you'll only have a max Job Level of 10, all of which will go into Basic Skills. When you grow up into a first class character, you'll have a max of 50 Job Levels and another 50 Job Levels once you hit second class!

III. Class Summaries
You'll start off with nothing but a dagger and your determination as a Novice, the class of beginnings. Once you hit Job Level 10, you'll be able to choose the path you wish to take!
  • Swordsman - a class that relies on physical strength, swords and spears
  • Archer - the archer snipes his opponent from afar
  • Mage - mages use their array of spells to exploit the monsters' weaknesses
  • Merchant - lovers of money, they tote their cart around in adventures
  • Thief - like a shadow, they use their speed to dodge attacks and counter attack with their dagger
  • Acolyte - a true friend, an acolyte tends to the wounds of the injured and banishes the undead
Experiment with your classes, stat builds and skill builds! You may find something exciting to play tailored just for you!
IV. Keyboard Shortcuts
ESC Open/Close menu to end the game or return to the main menu.
F1~F9 Use items or skills in the Shortcut Keys window
F10 Adjust chat window size
F11 Exit all windows except Basic Info and chat window
F12 Open/Close Shortcut Keys window
Insert Character Sit/Stand
Page Up/ Page Down Scroll up or down while in the text windows (Mouse wheel can be used as well)
Shift + Click on character Follow a character that was clicked on (left or right click on character using mouse)
Shift + Click direction Change the direction the character is facing to direction clicked.
Ctrl + Enter Send a message to your party with this command
Ctrl + tab Adjust the mini map's mode (transparency off / on / no mini map)
Ctrl + v Activate / Minimize Basic Info window
Alt + a, Ctrl + a Open / Close Status window, Activate / Minimize Status window
Alt + q, Ctrl + q Open / Close Equipment window, Activate / Minimize Equipment window
Alt + o, Ctrl + o Open / Close Option window, Activate / Minimize Option window
Alt + e, Ctrl + e Open / Close Inventory window, Activate / Minimize Inventory window
Alt + h Open / Close Friend window
Alt + i Open / Close Friends Setup window
Alt + d Open / Close Arrange Detail window, Adjust sprite and texture resolution
Alt + z Open / Close Party window
Alt + p Open / Close Party Setup window
Alt + c Open / Close Chat room window
Alt + s Open / Close Skill Tree window
Alt + Home Ground cursor on / off
Alt + End Character Status Bar on / off
Alt + F10 Open / Close Chat window

V. Making Friends: Social Menus
No MMORPG would be complete without finding comrades to adventure with! Maybe you're out in Payon Dungeon and you find an Acolyte you get along with, but you want to be able to help them out in future travels!

 You can add a player to your Friends List by right-clicking and choosing Register as Friend. You'll now be able to see this friend when they log into Ragnarok Online!

If you want to instead party together for shared experience and items, you'll just need to head to your chat bar and type /organize "insert party name here"

You'll need to confirm the party details! How to Share Items is in regard to who can loot items, while Item Sharing Type determines who the loot goes to. Each Take will be normal looting rules: you can only pick it up if you yourself helped damage the monster. Party Share allows any party member to pick up loot. Individual lets the looter keep what they picked up, while Shared will automatically distribute the item to the party (so you can pick it up, but it might go to your Acolyte friend)!



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