I am unable to complete a quest because...

If a character is currently having issues with a quest for one of the following reasons:
  1. NPC is not responsive
  2. NPC is not available
  3. Item cannot be found
  4. Quest log is not updating
We would like you to first review the quest. Re-read the quest log for any possible hints that may have been missed. Next, check with the previous NPC to be sure that the correct procedure is followed in completing the quest. Then, check the item that is stated within the quest to be sure that the "exact" item is being searched for.

If all of the above have been checked and the issue persists, please contact the Warp Portal Support Team with the following completed form:

Quest Issue
  1. Character Name:
  2. Server (if applicable):
  3. Quest Name:
  4. Last NPC Spoken to:
  5. Dialogue of the NPC:
  6. Possible Screenshots (if applicable):
In your screen shots, make sure to show the open quest log that clearly shows what part of the quest chain you are currently doing. Also make sure to show the NPC's most recent dialogue regarding the quest.

Also, any additional information on how the situation occurred or what may have lead up to the incident will better assist the team to determine the issue and provide a better answer.

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