Clan Creation
To create a Clan, users must fulfill the following pre-requisites:
  1. The character (leader) must be level 30.
  2. The character must accumulate 1,000,000 Zulie as a fee for creating the Clan.

Clan Mark
Once the Clan has been created, a Clan Mark may be applied that appears as an emblem or visual representation of the Clan within the Name Block above the character.

The Clan Mark must be within the following guidelines:
  • Bitmap (.BMP) format
  • 8-bits
  • 20 x 20 pixels in size
  • Saves as "Mark.bmp"

To Update/Change a Clan Mark
In order to update/change the Clan Mark, the user must create the image following the steps above. Then save the Clan Mark with the file name "Mark.bmp" within the ROSE Online folder. This should then update the Clan Mark in-game.


To Update/Change a Clan Leader
A Clan may change ownership of the Clan to another leader as well. This may be assigned in-game through the Clan.


Clan Grade
The Clan Grade is determined by the experience points earned by attempting one of the following:

  1. Clan Quests
  2. Clan Wars
  3. By fighting monsters on the Clan Field. The Clan Field may be reached by speaking the NPC Burtland in Junon Polis or Shamanist Est in the Crystal Snowfields outside the Forgotten Temple.

The Clan NPCs will further detail the requirements to increase the Clan Grade.

Name Change
If you have recently had a name change, your clan functionality will be temporarily removed!

For a Clan Manager this means you cannot add, remove, or edit any aspect of the clan. For a member, you will not display in the guild roster or be able to leave and rejoin. These issues will be cleared up automatically once the next regularly scheduled maintenance is complete.

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