Bind on Equip/Acquire Xeon


These are Item Transfer Restrictions in which items with these effects cannot be traded, transferred or sold to other players or NPC's and, on some cases, cannot be stored.


What happens if I purchased one and it did not work on my item?


In an event that you experience this, we are happy to provide an item mall exchange. Please be advised that these requests may be granted on a case to case basis. Also, we cannot process an item that was purchased from another player. Kindly Submit a ticket! with the information below and include a screenshot of the item you have bought:


1) Account Name:
2) Character Name:

3) Item Name:
4) Screenshot of your purchase history that shows the said item to be exchanged
5) Date and time of purchase:
6) Item you would like to exchange it for:


Your request will be reviewed by the development team and once approved; we will exchange it for an item of lesser or equal value from the item mall.

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