Reporting No Delay on the Renewal Server

New Guidelines for reporting No Delay on the Renewal Server

*Please Note that these requirements only apply to the Renewal Chaos server as they take advantage of the Replay System Built into the game client.

Reports should be submitted in the replay format only. This is to allow the support team to view the report in a natural game setting that can be verified as free from all possible client edits, video edits, and any other reason that a report can have a shadow of even the slightest doubt cast over it.

We also ask that you give us the approximate time in the video when the cheating happens as well as the name of the character we should be looking out for. Please make sure to mouse over the character at least once when recording so that the replay client has the character name.

Where are my replay files located?
The default Replay folder is: C:\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\Replay

To report the player you can Submit a Ticket, attach the replay and our support team will attend to the report as quickly as possible.

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