Policy on Character and Clan/Guild Names & Icons

Inappropriate character names may result in an account suspension and forced name change.

Clans with inappropriate names are disbanded and the clan creator's account is suspended. The following list, while not exhaustive, contains some things which may be considered inappropriate.
  1. Containing sexual references including referencing to body parts regardless of language.
  2. Offensive content falling under the use of offensive language regardless of language.
  3. Names that target or insult other players, groups or reference events regardless of language.
  4. Names that display anti-racial, anti-ethnic, anti-religious, any anti-group or anti-party.
  5. Names that display drug references or alcoholic references.
  6. Impersonation of a Gravity Interactive or Gravity, Inc. employee.
  7. Impersonation of in-game characters.
  8. Copyright and/or Trademark names.
Names that suggests or display relationship to the Support Team or Community Team, Gravity Interactive Inc, Gravity Inc. employee or representative may result in a permanent account suspension of the account impersonating and the accounts of those who are found responsible for the impersonation.

If an account has become suspended and you believe it is for one of these reasons, please contact our Support Team. Be sure to specify the nature of the suspension, and provide a list of alternate names like so:

Nature of Suspension: (please explain why you believe the account was suspended for naming issues)
Current Character/Guild Name:
List of Alternate Names:

With this information sent to the Support Team, further assistance may be possible.

Custom clan logos also fall under these restrictions. If a clan has an inappropriate logo, it may be subjected to the same terms as if it had an inappropriate clan name.

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