Game client fails or freezes while patching.

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, try the following.

  • Log on to the Windows as an administrator.
  • Select the option 'Run as administrator' when starting the client.

You may also running the client in compatibility mode:
  1. Right-click the client icon and select 'Properties'.
  2. Select the 'Compatibility' tab
  3. Check the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:'
  4. Select 'Windows XP (Service Pack 3)' from the drop down box.
  5. Click 'OK'

If the issue continues or you are using Windows XP, please try the following:

  • Update the graphics card and chipset drivers
  • Uninstall the game
  • Delete the game folder
  • Update antivirus program and run a full scan
  • Delete any infected files
  • Download updated client from our website (using IE6 or higher, do not use Firefox or any download accelerator)
  • Reinstall the game from the latest available version of our client found at

If the problem still persists please Submit a Ticket to the support team.

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