How to Search our Knowledge Base or Submit a Ticket

How to Search our Knowledge Base or Submit a Ticket

"Knowledge isn't just power, its saving time. Time you can use to pummel your enemies."

The WarpPortal and RO2 Knowledge Base is easy to navigate. Here's some basic information and some explanations. We are also looking for people who have suggestions for Knowledge Base Articles that might not exist yet. You can also find how to submit your own Knowledge Base Article at the end of this page.


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Ragnarok Online 2 Knowledge Base:

The RO2 Knowledge Base is divided into 5 main categories.

Account Support
Billing and Payment Support
Gameplay and Feature Support
General Support
News and Updates
Technical Support

Submitting a Ticket

Submitting a ticket is quick and painless. All you have to do is follow this guide to create a WarpPortal account and submit a ticket!

Discover Something New?

If you've found something new in world of Ragnarok Online 2 and you'd like to share your tips with the world, submit a ticket to suggest a Knowledge Base article! You may see your suggestion make it to the Knowledge Base for all the world to see!

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