Policy on Third Party Programs, Macros, and Reporting Suspicious Behavior

Policy on Third Party Programs

As stated in the Terms of Use, Third Party Programs are not allowed in Ragnarok Online 2. Third Party Programs are programs downloaded to a players computer that would control your character without the need for you to be present, such as automatically killing mobs and selling items, or farming specific nodes. Using Third Party Programs is a serious break of the Terms of Use and players found to be using Third Party Programs such as this are subject to suspension from the game.  

Policy on Macros

Macros can be bound to specific keys on special kinds of mouse or keyboards, particularly gaming mice, controllers and keyboards, and will allow for a chain of actions to occur by hitting a single button. We do at this time allow for the use of macros, as long as the player is actually present, and can pass any third party program test performed by a GM or another player in the game. Players must be present at their computer when any actions are being performed by their characters, particularly with regards to (but in no way limited to) obtaining items, adding buffs to other players, or attacking mobs. Automated responses are not considered viable responses to any GM inquiries. Any time a GM contacts you in game and performs a test of this kind, you are required to respond. Refraining from responding to any question asked, or replying with an automated response, is regarded as failing third party program testing and will result in being suspended from Ragnarok Online 2. 

Please be aware that should sufficient evidence by another player be provided, you may also be suspended. Take this into account and make sure to respond to inquiries placed by any member of the community regarding suspicious behavior. Make sure that your responses are appropriate and can clarify that you are in fact present for any discussions engaged in.

Reporting Suspicious Behavior

If you should see someone displayed suspicious or bot like activity, you can report them to the GM Team in a ticket. When reporting a player for ill mannered or suspicious behavior, the following steps should be taken:

- Evidence should be provided if possible in the form of a video of sufficient length to exemplify the actions being taken by the suspicious player, as well as all the tests done. This video must be unedited as well, and must display the entire Ro2 screen. 

- Attempt to contact the player through all means possible, Normal/Public/Private chats as players may have one or more of these chats closed.

- Be visible to the player you are reporting while testing their behavior. This ensures that even if they have all chats closed they are aware of your presence and should react in some way.

- Other means of testing include opening trade, requesting a duel, and counting down so the player knows that you will be reporting them, giving them ample time to respond. 

- Once your video is complete, please make sure when submitting your ticket to use 'Bot Report' in the Subject. We'll be adding these reports to a special category to make sure we get to them as quickly as possible.

Please know that this evidence will be reviewed and if sufficient, players can and will be suspended for third party program use. 

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